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Transforming Birth Retreat #2 is scheduled for July 14th

by on May 17, 2012

Transforming Birth Retreat #2 July 14th


TODAY  we committed to the next steps of Transforming Birth in Missouri by scheduling retreat # 2 on July 14th, and #3 on September 15th at the Healing Stone Retreat Center in Hermann Mo.   Let’s spread the word so folks can save the date.

TODAY We clarified our MISSION:  to promote the birth center model of care across Missouri.

TODAY we clarified what we DO:

1.  We organize events that network natural birth advocates (gather the tribe).

2.  We build bridges between physicians, midwives, and childbearing families. (empower the tribe)

3.  We start movements, make it public, and open birth centers. (make a difference)

TODAY we reaffirmed our CORE VALUES:

1.  Choice and autonomy for childbearing women.

2.  Integrative Wellness of mind body and spirit, for women.

3.  Building bridges with mutual respect among birth advocates.

TOMORROW is a new day.  We need you to join us, here on this blog and at the next retreat.   Spread the word that we are, with your help…


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