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Listen to your …

by on July 23, 2012

Listen to your Three Year Old!


Are you stuck in a routine that makes you gloomy and hopeless?  Is the heat getting to you and sucking all of your energy?  You need to make some time to listen to your three year old!  Oh, perhaps you are not as fortunate as I.  There are five three year olds easily accessible to me.  Grandkids and great grands!  When I find myself with a negative outlook on things, I know it is time to spend a day or even an hour with one of them!

What’s so magic about a three year old?  Oh, they are amazing, intoxicating little people!  They are high energy, creative…they laugh and dance spontaneously.  They can have fun with anything, anywhere!  They are wide eyed and full of wonder and wisdom!  But most of all, to sum it all up, they are about play every minute from sun up to sun down!!!  They love to play!

Three year olds are dreamers!  They can be anything they want to be!  And they know for sure what they like and what they don’t like.  They don’t worry about hurting others feelings.  They just say what they are thinking!

Oh, so you don’t have any kids or grandkids that you can listen to!?!  I have wonderful news for you!  You still have access to a three year old!  Actually, you have access that no one else has.  You see, there is a three year old that resides inside of you!  You have known this three year old since you were…well,  three years old!!! This amazing little person is available to you 24/7!  And ready to spend time with you!

This three year old is the one that “comes out to play” with your kids and grandkids.  It’s who gets your feet to dancing when you hear that favorite song!  This three year old is the one that laughs out loud and “likes pink”!  This three year old is the one who guards your tender heart, your creative mind and your hopes and dreams.  This three year old is the one that breathes life into  your being each day!

If you dared to listen to your three year old you would probably start having fun….all of the time!  You would make play out of work, and you would zip around filling your day with as much fun as you could imagine!  Three year olds are like that!

Here is the agenda for a normal three year old:




Kiss people on the Mouth!  HA!



LISTEN TO YOUR THREE YEAR OLD!  Take him or her on a play date!  And if you can find another three year old to play with, WOW!  What a life we can live! 


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  1. treeparker permalink

    I had a visit with a very petite three year old who told me she was a ballerina and began to twirl her ballerina twirl to show me. I said a very adult thing, “So you’re going to be a ballerina when you grow up?” She said, “No, I a ballerina now.” She was living in the moment of being a ballerina. I thought of all the times I have said what I’m going to be when like Issabella, I could just be it!

  2. phardesty1 permalink

    There you go!

  3. Amy permalink

    LOVE IT! And a I Love my special 3 year old; remembering the magic of now is such a special gift they are ready to give every day, if only we take the moment to do so.

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