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calling, convergence or unified field theory

by on July 28, 2012

I feel as if I have never been quite as excited and jazzed as I have this week. I have been reading a book titled Synchronicity by Joseph Jaworski and as I have been reading the book, I am seeing a convergence of themes that have been brewing in my life.

I am not so sure I can yet put words to the convergence, but for as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by Einstein’s quest for the unified theory. I feel that there is a unified theory in psychology, business, theology and now believe it or not physics.

In the book mentioned above, Joe talks about being in a flow where people come together and things happen out of relationship, out of connection to one’s purpose, out of a group of people becoming one. And when in “the flow” it seems miracles and coincidences occur to make the result seem easy.

I have experienced this flow in my company. We have created a place where the recession did not hit. Our competitors are failing, and we are not. In fact, we have been growing. We have created what we dreamed of having. A place where people can grow and prosper.

One of Einstein’s peers was a man named Bohm. Dr. Bohm a physicist, in his later years devoted his thinking towards all of creation being connected with all of creation. He made the statement that our language with nouns and verbs, lends itself to us looking at creation as independently separate pieces. If you go to the story of the tower of Babel you see how God used language to bring separation among people. A theory proven in 1964 actually shows that matter is connected to each other even when separated by far distances. This interconnection is an actual reality and humans have the capacity to effect reality as we connect deeply to one another. In Colossians, we find that Jesus is in everything and holds all things together. In a simple way, Jesus is the unified field theory.

These deep connections are through empathy and emotion. Einstein has a quote in which he says intuition is a gift and the rational mind a great servant, but our culture has viewed the rational mind the gift and forgotten intuition. We have decided if we can’t measure it, then it does not exist. Yet reality may actually be something that cannot be measured. Do you think you can measure God?

So as I ramble here are the pieces that to me are converging in a manner where God will reveal great power to affect all of creation.

The words that I feel are connected are: Jesus, shame, sin, faith, love, create, relationship, communities, trust.

The concepts that I feel are connected are:

Faith that God, loves us and likes us and is for us.

Reality is only as it exists in each moment as God sustains it and it is created new in each and every moment. This actually lines up with physics that says that matter is always changing, from mass, to energy to waves, to nothing and then back to matter. So we might perceive the rock to be unchanging and fixed, but in fact it is new every moment. Believing that reality is changeable can lead us to a new place of hope and adventure where we can create a new reality in the new moment before us.
As we trust in God and what Jesus came and did for us, and embrace our imperfectness, we find strength to believe that we can create our dreams, we find strength to believe we have not disqualified ourselves. We can learn new things. New ways to relate to one another. And in our embracing our imperfectness, we can actually stay in the flow of God’s blessing, and stay in faith, trusting God.

It seems to me that leading like a sinner, allows a person to share with integrity our experience which brings forth great connection with others. From that connection, as God has made each one unique, a greater whole is created which brings newness to thinking, new ideas, new creations. It is difficult to lead with our sin, the things we feel shame about, but the gospel gives us strength, hope, and joy where the shame brought isolation.

I am excited about the adventures God has before me. The communities of businesses that will create new realities. The company I am a part of now has created a reality where there has not been a recession. I believe business can create communities where things work differently and better than ever before. I believe business leaders can make their own businesses places of health and love and provision for those they touch.


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