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Transformation Leader’s mission is to call out one’s higher self and to respect and encourage the higher self  in others.

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  1. Pat Hardesty permalink

    A good night’s sleep always seems to allow my head full of thoughts and ideas to sort themselves. I awake with a clear picture of what is most important for me to “do” today. And I usually formulate a list quickly first thing in the morning. I also like to write down the first ideas and thoughts in a day, so as to “collect” or put out on paper rather than have them bumping into each other in my mind. A lot like some of David Allen’s ideas. This morning I am “looking” at all of the ideas and thoughts that were shared in the last two days. Wow! What a lot of good stuff to be aware of, consider, and be inspired and challenged by!

    I am choosing to not be frantic about all of the tasks that were presented in these two days. I am giving myself time to let the thoughts and ideas continue to integrate within me. I like the idea that I have just been learning to “notice” these before I rush into action. I am learning that the calmness of noticing allows me to prioritize and let go of what will not propel me toward my vision

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